About Us

SlashMyFees is our response to the problem experienced by people like you! As business owners, we have felt your pain and dealt with the difficulties of stay on top of credit card processing fees. That experience has allowed us to vet our partners with a business owner perspective and to ensure you get the lowest rates on our site.

We promise and guarantee that you will get the lowest rate at SlashMyFees. Our mission is simple honesty and transparency to revolutionize this industry. We also believe that good business isn’t only about profit; it’s about giving back to our community. For this reason, we pledge 10% of our earnings to charities that make a difference for today and the future.

Mission Statement

We started SlashMyFees because we saw the confusion, complexity, outrageous pricing, and poor standards of customer service that have become prevalent in the credit card processing industry. To support the millions of entrepreneurs who work tirelessly to provide their services, products, as well as employment opportunities, we decided to provide transparency, savings, simplicity, and outstanding service.