Credit Card Processing Providers

SlashMyFees has partnered with the best processors in the industry so you can feel certain you have made the best choice for your payment processing needs!

With reports currently showing that approximately only 1 quarter of all purchases in the US are made with cash, the ability for a business to accept credit cards only continues to become more important for a business to be successful. Whether you already have a credit card payments processor, or are currently looking for a company that will prevent your business from missing out on 75% of your potential business, SlashMyFees can help your business save time and money!

Traditionally, the search for a processor who offers great rates and customer service would involve many long hours (if not days) of researching and comparing the hundreds of providers, and then hoping you didn’t get tricked by those who have hidden fees and annoying long-term contracts. To avoid this complex search, most small businesses simply use their banks, mobile card readers, or simply signed up with the first sales rep who called them or walked through their door promising them a good deal.

The founders of SlashMyFees saw the complexities and confusion of this search process, and set out to develop a simple way for businesses to find and compare the best processing companies for their business. The result of this quest is – the fast, simple, and 100% free tool allowing you to save tons of time & money in your search for the best credit card processing provider for your business! After extensive an extensive research and analysis of the best reviewed companies in the industry, we carefully inspected, interviewed, and selected only merchant service providers who meet the highest standards of outstanding customer service, ethical practices, true transparency, and competitive pricing. We then negotiated the best rates with each provider, and required our partners to have no cancellation fees or binding long-term contracts for our users. It is our honor to support the businesses owners of the world, saving you time & money by presenting you with the following options for all of your credit card processing needs:


Who We Work With

Gravity Payments
Dharma Merchant Services
Serve 1st
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